Saturday, September 12, 2009

If We Teach by Positive Example

If we exercise in front of our children, then we are setting a beautiful example that kids will most likely follow. When they are very young especially, they want to spend time with us. So why not do something active and fit with them. Workout with them. Make space for your kids and get them a tiny pair of weights. They go down to 1 pounders.

The WII FIT game is a good way to have fun with them. But you don't need a video system, but it might be a way of stepping to their level. My four year old loves WII FIT yoga. She has no idea how she is really doing with her balance, but the virtual trainer tells her great job, like a personal trainer would praise a client for getting through a workout set.

I am an avid P90X user. I am getting ready to finish my second round of the program. My 4 year old daughter and 13 year old son have both come into the room and done some of the workouts with me. Make it FUN!

I am a true believer that we can turn this epidemic and negative reputation of the "most obese and unhealthy town in America" (Huntington WV) upside down. It starts with us parents and it starts at home. We need to get up and get active and before you know it, the kids adapt just like brushing their teeth in the morning or taking a bath. They are truly sponges when they are very young. They see us exercising and they will too.

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  1. I always prayed and meditated and levitated in front of my children, letting them know that all positive action creates harmony in life and nature
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